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Looking to buy Bar Brothers – The System? Are you still not convinced it is the right product for you? Worry no more as I present to you my honest review of Bar Brothers – The System and how it can be of immense benefit to you.
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Keep on reading as I present to you my detailed review of Bar Brothers – The System and how beneficial it will be to you when you get your copy.

Does Bar Brothers – The System Work? Should You Get It?

Bar Brothers – The System Review

Bar Brothers - The System Review

What’s Bar Brothers – The System All About?

You want to end up being a Bar Brother (street exercise professional athlete) … however, where do you even start? How do you train for muscle-ups and other exercise accomplishments? Will Bar Brothers The System work as it claims?
Find out if this calisthenics training program by the Bar Brothers themselves is right for you. Most notably, we’ll take a look at several aspects to decide if Bar Brothers The System is realistic in its claims or pure hype …
Unlike numerous others, I’m certified to review this program since:
I have actually bought and checked out Bar Brothers The System
I trained in bar calisthenics before my injury
I’ve gathered feedback from other students of the Bar Brothers System
This is a contrast from many other fake reviews that don’t know what they are speaking about.
1. What is Bar Brothers– The System?
Bar Brothers– The System
Bar Brothers -The System is a detailed exercise training program that covers 12 weeks. It’s created to help you get the frame of mind and physical strength to become a bar brother (and street exercise professional athlete).
This is also the official training program of the Bar Brothers, developed by its creators, Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic.
Bar Brothers System develops the foundation for street exercise novices to advance into exercises freestyle movements. Believe in creative combinations of handstands, human flags, muscle-ups, and more.
As a positive “side-effect” from training, you’ll also get a much better body by the end of 12-weeks.
Origins of Bar Brothers System– Lazar and Dusan
Lazar and Dusan are amongst the top calisthenics experts in the fitness world. They propelled the Bar Brothers motion– “to end up being the very best variation of yourself”– into a worldwide phenomenon.
In the process, the duo helped change typical individuals into amazing street workout athletes through bodyweight training.
Naturally, many individuals have asked them about their special training method, wanting to replicate their results in strength tasks and body. This triggered them to develop the Bar Brothers System, which information the precise training state of mind, consuming habits, and training approach they use.
2. Why I purchased Bar Brothers– The System?
Calisthenics and street workouts were currently part of my cross-training regimen, and I was obliged to buy the training program for 3 factors:
1. Tried-and-tested training method
I wanted to find out about Lazar’s and Dusan’s tried-and-tested training approach.
The duo is the creators of one of the largest exercise movements. They have likewise assisted typical people to become exercise athletes with sensational freestyle strength feats.
2. Determine what failed in my own training
There were problems in my own cross-training regimen that triggered a tendon overuse injury (impacting my wrist, elbows, and shoulders– both best and left) and a rotator cuff tear. I wanted a detailed reference guide to figure out what I was doing wrong.
3. Discounted cost
The affordable rate was within my budget.
3. What do you get from Bar Brothers– The System? Is it beneficial?
How is the training program provided?
Bar Brothers System is delivered through an online platform packed with video tutorials, instructions, and insights on bar exercises. Browsing the platform is very simple.
When you very first log in, you’ll be redirected to a list of training programs (as shown below). I’m only enrolled in the very first one (The System) and decided to upgrade later on.
After clicking “Access Now”, you’ll be directed to The System training program (as revealed below). It’s divided into 18 sections of videos and resource downloads.
How are the training program and workout structure like?
The training is divided into 3 phases. Each phase lasts for four weeks and is a step up in the level of difficulty.
You’ll need to train 6 days every week, committing no more than one hour per session.
To make such rigorous training possible, the program utilizes a split-training format, where different areas of the body are targeted per session. The workout intensity also differs amongst sessions.
Training program’s 18 sections (with a concept of what you will get).
How Videos and Directions are Displayed.
Here’s how the videos and details are displayed in each area.
Because the program deals with people of all physical fitness and strength levels, Lazar and Dusan demonstrate the appropriate way to perform each exercise and mention common errors.
They also supply complete progression steps for a workout. The development actions allow you to perform a simpler form of workout at a lower level. This is helpful if you have not built proper strength and technique to perform a workout in its routine type yet.
What I liked.
I personally found their muscle-up tutorial to be among the most in-depth among the many I have actually viewed. And, I am sorry for not enjoying this before trying muscle-ups last month, which contributed to a long-lasting shoulder injury. I hadn’t bought the program yet and was making numerous mistakes they have actually pointed out.
Overall, the training program is practical when you think about how the workout program is structured and the 6-day-per-week time commitment. Needless to say, the program gets way more challenging once you get to the 2nd and third phases.
4. How much is it? What else is provided with the training?
‘ The System’ is the standard foundation of the whole series of Bar Brothers Systems, including:
The System.
The System Accelerator.
The System– Freestyle Moves.
Lazar and Dusan initially priced The System at US$ 97. However, you can get it at a discounted rate of US$ 47 right now.
The other two programs– Accelerator & Freestyle Relocations– are higher-level training modules that you can buy at a discount rate right after getting The System. Alternatively, you can allow them in the future (at the normal cost).
When getting the program, you’ll be asked if you’d like to join their unique Facebook assistance group– Bar Brothers Family.
For myself, I declined the upgrade to Accelerator & Freestyle Relocations because of my injury. I am required to take things slow. However, I did join their support system.
5. Pros & Cons.
Pros– The awesome things about the program.
Easy-to-navigate (on desktop, tablets, and mobile phones).
With intuitive navigation, the online training platform is easy to use. What’s crucial though, is mobile-friendliness– you can access the videos on your smartphone when training outdoors.
No uncertainty is needed. No analysis-paralysis. Simply follow the strategy.
The System is fully-guided with step-by-step guidelines. Videos are action-oriented and to-the-point. Dusan and Lazar do not bombard you with unneeded details and inform you just what you require to know, removing analysis-paralysis. Just view the short training video for that day, and go out to train.
Easy to Understand.
As discussed, the first 5 areas are mainly educational, varying from guidance on nutrition to training frame of mind. The founders describe whatever in layman’s terms, avoiding jargon. This makes it simple for beginners to understand.
Pep Talk from Dusan and Lazar.
Given that the founders have trained lots of people in the past, they can precisely expect the issue you’ll likely deal with. That’s why they consist of an inspirational pep talk for each training week.
You will struggle by stage two of the program … however their words of motivation will make a difference as it strikes the core of how you’ll be feeling.
Fully-explained Tutorials.
Every tutorial video includes developments for people of all levels of physical fitness and strength, showing the right method, typical mistakes, and extremely beneficial tips to carry out the exercise effectively.
Minimal Devices Needed.
Simply your body, pull-up bars, and parallel bars (easily discovered at outdoor parks).
Responsiveness of Assistance Team.
I have actually gotten in touch with the Bar Brothers support team for the training program and have gotten responses within 24 hr. With workout-related inquiries, I even got a reply from Dusan himself.
So, if you have an issue with the training program or technical issues, the support team can and will help very rapidly.
Cons– The annoying things about the program.
Requirements Internet connection.
Since you will be outdoors for most training (pull-up and parallel bars), be prepared to use the information on your mobile device if you ever need to refer to the videos when training.
You can work around this (if you have actually restricted or no information) by preloading the videos on your gadget web browser before heading out. Just remember to switch off wifi and data so that it does not auto-reload. Alternatively, take down vital points on paper before going out.
Time Commitment.
You will need to devote close to an hour per session for 6 days weekly. What do you expect out of an immersion program for becoming a street workout athlete?
6. Who actively trains in Bar Brothers– The System?
Based upon the Bar Brothers Family secret Facebook group, the majority of trainees are male and between the ages of 18 to 34.
BUT there are many exceptions and outliers …
The youngest person who actively publishes his development with the program is 14 years of age. There is an even more youthful trainee at 13 years of age. Because this is an exercise program, there are no issues with them being too young. It’s not going to impact development.
The earliest trainee who has actually posted positive results is in his late sixties.
There are a few Bar Siblings in the program.
There are individuals from different hectic professions– some of whom you’d believe would have very little time to train but they made it work!
This all makes sense since the Bar Brothers motion has actually always been inclusive of anyone who has the will to train; to contend only with yourself; to be the very best variation of yourself.
7. Does it work? People who’ve had outcomes with this training.
What The Program Claims.
The System promises a large distinction in strength, ability, and physique by the end of 12 weeks. Needless to say, you have to stay with the exercise and nutrition standards.
Before you begin, you have to take a strength assessment test and picture your physique. You’ll need to do the same at the end. This enables you to compare your results and see the physical changes in your body.
However, will it actually work?
Source 1: Pictures and videos of individuals who were instructed/mentored by Lazar and Dusan. This is a fair proxy for efficiency if we consider that these individuals were (in a way) were ‘guinea pigs’ for the program. And the program imitates the founders’ technique of training.
Source 2: My experiences in a comparable bar exercises program. This, while affordable, is less dependable since I cross-train in numerous other activities.
Source 3: Results posted by students on Bar Brothers Household (the authorities support system for this program).
Source 1: Photos & Videos showing ability and body.
Enjoy the 2012 video posted by Lazar. It shows the transformation of people who trained and learned from them.
Source 2: Personal experience with a comparable street workout program that I produced for my own training.
Before my shoulder injury, I trained 4 to 5 days weekly, with each session lasting beyond an hour. My cross-training program likewise involved Aikido, running, and a little parkour.
In as low as three weeks, my physique was noticeably various.
Because of bad cross-training shows and bad street exercise basics in my own program, I got injured. Being impatient also didn’t help.
While my physique had improved, my strength was improving just marginally through the build-up of my mistakes.
Source 3: Outcomes and posts by students on Bar Brothers Household.
Since the material in the secret group doesn’t belong to me (and for privacy purposes), I will not show actual images or unblurred screenshots. Scanning through the group, I found students who’ve had obvious development in just three to four weeks.
These are posts by 2 different members within the last two days who finished The System. To see the real posts, get trial access to Bar Brothers Family.
Overall, this program works and is reasonable in its claims. You will see visible progress in both body and strength capabilities.
Nevertheless, you will not have the ability to carry out muscle-ups within 12-weeks if you are a total beginner. Be practical! You will get there faster than typical, however most likely not within the time frame.
This is okay because the program does not claim to be a magic pill for street workout accomplishments.
For higher assurance, the founders have put in place a 60-day money-back assurance if it doesn’t work for you. You don’t need to explain why you want a full refund.
8. Is ‘Bar Brothers– The System’ right for you?
Which do you desire more– a much better physique or street workout strength?
Yes. You can get both strength and body with Bar Brothers System.
If you solely want six-pack abs and an athletic body (and don’t care how you get there), you are much better off with options that will accomplish similar results with less effort.
This is because you will likely leave from the absence of passion. Here’s a much shorter program focused on the physique.
You need to just get Bar Brothers System if you want the capabilities (consisting of freestyle motions) and strength of a normal street workout professional athlete. It will get you ready to live the Bar Brothers’ lifestyle and give you self-confidence from getting rid of the difficulties. That is the key– the desire to live the bar brother lifestyle and have a truly cool method to exercise.
Will you make time for it? Just how much do you want to complete the system?
Let’s get these out of the method.
Are you going to train six times weekly (one hour each session)?
Are you willing to discover a method to make it work?
If “no”– do not get this training program. If you aren’t ready to make time for it, you are squandering your cash. This program is not a magic pill.
What if time truly is a concern?
In the very same vein, if you’ve done your finest to change your schedule however can only train for a few days a week, your results will likely be much slower.
I have actually asked Dusan if the program can be changed. My quick interpretation of his reaction is “no” and here’s my guess as to why– improper adjustments will increase the possibilities of injury and eliminate the effectiveness of the program.
However here’s my suggestion, and do this only if you genuinely are passionate about Street Exercise, you can either:
Use this program as a referral guide because of all the top-class tutorials, ideas, and information.
Or wait till your schedule improves to start (but buy it soon to lock-in the reduced rate).
9. Bottomline.
Bar Brothers– The System is right for anyone who wishes to get into the Bar Brothers movement or street workout lifestyle.
Complete novices will benefit tremendously from the progression-based tutorials. If you want to perform freestyle strength tasks and gain self-confidence from pressing the limits of your body, this program is for you.
If you have actually no time however appreciate some correct guidance (and avoid an injury like mine) this program has great tutorials to refer to.
The body comes as a “side-effect”. Time restraints and determination to commit are two crucial factors to achieving the results desired, and if you are serious about training, go all out. Anything less is a wild-goose chase.

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