Betting Gods Review

Hi there, welcome to my Betting Gods review.
Looking to buy Betting Gods? Are you still not convinced it is the right product for you? Worry no more as I present to you my honest review of Betting Gods and how it can be of immense benefit to you.
Read my detailed Betting Gods review, features, benefits, pros & cons, price, and where to buy it to get a well-informed decision before you buy.
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Keep on reading as I present to you my detailed review of Betting Gods and how it can help you solve your problems and achieve your desired results.

Betting Gods Review

Betting Gods Review
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What’s Betting Gods All About?

I believe it was about time that I did an extensive Betting Gods review. I have actually been asked often for my take on this prominent tipster program.
There is an undoubtedly high variety of tipsters on the market and sorting the wheat from the chaff can be an uphill struggle. Personally, I have a series of red flags that I look out for.
These consist of things like an absence of proofing, convoluted staking strategies that inflate the profits, and most significantly of all, no absurd claims (well, possibly the most important thing is that it is successful)??
Naturally, there is a particular type of tipsters that pop up on a seemingly weekly basis which contains all of these. They can be immediately dismissed.
Next up are the reams of independent tipsters, all of whom appear to give it a real go.
These are men who are doing their finest to turn their betting knowledge into earnings. The problem here is that these services often do not have the type of revenues that validate their expenses (things like £ 50 for 12 points revenue per month).
Go into tipster stables. There are some examples readily available and I have currently provided rather considerable coverage of Betfan, arguably the largest tipster stable in the world.
Sadly, biggest isn’t constantly finest which is where Betting Gods are available in. I will dig deeper into this relative beginner listed below, but there is a lot to be very thrilled about.
Ok, let’s start this review. I caution you now, it is a long one, as they have a lot to provide …

What You Get:

— Access to the tipsters marketed, and their everyday selections.
— Free Trials.
— Full aid and support.
— After-sales support from Betting Gods.

Who Are Betting Gods Ltd?

Betting Gods are what I refer to as a tipster stable. This implies that it is an online service that combines various tipsters under a single platform (the same roof).
This allows Betting Gods to handle their tipsters’ services, market them and most significantly for you as a punter, ensure that the very best quality ideas are offered.
The whole operation is handled by Darren Moore who has bags of experience in the field of running tipster services. In regards to what you can receive from Betting Gods, it links punters up with tipsters in a variety of various disciplines. From football to golf, and horse racing to rugby.
Naturally, this variety suggests that there is something for everybody, no matter what type of betting you like, or your technique.
Betting Gods was established nearly 2 years earlier and to say that it has grown exponentially is something of an understatement. It was substantiated of Darren Moore parting ways with his old business partner, Neil Stevens-Wood.
The pair had actually preciously run Tipster Storage facility, a comparable set up to Betting Gods.
They eventually parted methods after choosing that they both desired different things.
If you aren’t too particular whether something like Betting Gods is for you, Darren Moore supplies among the most extensive and highest free tipping services I have encountered– and I have actually examined a great deal of them, and tested many!
Each day, a choice pointer from one of Betting Gods’ lots of services are sent out to people who are registered for free pointers. There certainly aren’t numerous excellent quality tipster services that distribute something like this, so this is quite special, and shows the level of confidence that they have in their services, which is great to see.
This outfit is not a scam.
At this point you might be questioning whether or not there is any legitimacy to Betting Gods, particularly provided the reality that numerous tipsters are out to make a fast buck. To create some context, you simply have to take a look at the methods in which Darren Moore interacts with the racing community.
Betting Gods have actually sponsored several different races and courses along with opening themselves up to baseless levels of analysis through reviews such as this. Betting Gods founder Darren Moore has actively called for regulation of tipster services to make sure that punters stop getting scammed, as there is a lot of it out there, and if you are one of the couples of services that offer a genuine service, then it goes without stating that you would want the industry cleaned up.
Who is Darren Moore?
To say that Darren Moore has an understanding of the “tipping” market resembles saying that the ocean has some deep bits. He has been associated with betting for many years and by his own admission has actually ridden some enormous highs, as well as slogged through some extremely bad lows.
Through his losses, he developed a disciplined approach to betting and this is something that has actually definitely carried over to his technique to business.
The reality is that Betting Gods isn’t the very first tipster service that Darren Moore has actually been associated with. He has previously run as a tipster himself (for a management service that Betting Gods now overshadows).
Darren_Moore_Betting_Gods_picAs time went on he began to learn the ropes through this company, Darren admits to finding himself disappointed with they missed out on chances, and most notably, the reality that their clients weren’t being listened to.
This is extremely important because Darren Moore puts client service at the heart of Betting Gods. I will explore this in-depth later however his customer focus is famous.
Much so that he has composed articles for Clickbank on his low refund rate (which can be read in full here).
To summarise, he states that if you wish to reduce refunds you need to accept client service and put it at the center of everything that you do.
Darren Moore attributes this to something he calls client delight, a concept developed whilst working as a youngster in the family greengrocers. This implies making certain that you do not just supply the customer with what they want, however actively exceed their expectations.
This is apparent when you begin to look at how he operates Betting Gods.
Given that beginning Betting Gods, Darren Moore has actually gone on to include on Richard Branson’s Virgin Pioneers (a website that shines the spotlight on up and coming entrepreneurs).
This post concentrated on how to naturally grow a business and perhaps not surprisingly, Darren Moore attributes this to Betting Gods’ openness along with focusing on ‘client delight’.
He has actually also been included on the Guardian’s website as part of their small company showcase.
So the credentials of the male can not be brought into concern from the research I have actually done.
Who are the Betting Gods Tipsters?
Nearly all of the various tipster services that Betting Gods is included with have their own specific tipster behind the service, with really few choosing to extend themselves.
The only tipster who provides more than one service is Quentin Frank. It is essential to pick up on his participation with Betting Gods, along with to look at for how long he has remained.
This is because when Darren Moore founded Betting Gods, Quentin Frank included him from his previous steady.
Each of the tipsters has its own approach to betting and this is something that is plainly reflected if you take the time out to take a look at the to arise from one service to the next. Whilst a few of the tipsters will tend to focus on worth and outsiders, others choose to take a look at their strike rate and win more frequently, albeit normally for less revenue per bet.
This variation enables you to discover a service that fits your betting style and your budget/bank balance. Once again, the fact that Betting Gods enable you a lot of access to their tipsters, all with no real risk if you choose to bet on paper. I have utilized the expression ‘something for everyone’ before now and I definitely wait for this.
Whilst discovering your groove in regards to which tipster is for you may be a little time consuming, there is also no reason that you can’t have a good time with it. I can likewise say that I was really quite surprised at a few of the important things that worked for me, particularly because I was rather dismissive out of hand.
Listed below I shall take a short appearance at the various tipster services that Betting Gods offer. I will attempt to summarise what each service has to do with, how it carries out, and how much you can anticipate earning.
Worth Racing Tips
Value Racing Tips is among Betting Gods’ longest-running services. It is also among the most straightforward. As the name highly recommends, the focus is on finding worth bets.
Each day provides 3 win bets to subscribers which are integrated with an easy staking plan of 1 point per bet.
Since launching all the method back in November of 2013, Worth Racing Tips has actually generated earnings of 409.62 points of earnings.
This figure is made far more excellent when you see an average month-to-month profit of £ 128.01, in addition to an ROI of 17.38%.
Master Racing Tipster
Master Racing Tipster is a tipster service that has been developed to help customers to acquire an edge over the bookies. To do this, Master Racing Tipster puts out selections as early as possible, typically the night before the race.
The staking prepare for the service comes with a little variation however given that it has permitted Master Racing Tipster to produce a hugely decent 415.29 points of earnings. A lot more impressive is that this represents an ROI of 30.59%.
Tom Nelson Racing
Tom Nelson Racing is a bit different to the services I have actually looked at up until now in so much as it is intended at severe bettors. Tom Nelson sends his choices nearly as advice, in so much as he gives truthful advice about his selections (permitting you some control over what you do, or do not do.
There is absolutely something to this technique however as Tom Nelson Racing has actually made practically £ 6,000 considering that July. This produces a typical monthly yield of £ 255.50.
Premier Greyhound Tips
Premier Greyhound Tips is the first to wander off from the proverbial sport of Kings, however, it does not mean that there is any less to be taken house. The name of the game with Premier Greyhound Tips is experienced with the tipster behind the service having over twenty years in the sport.
Tips are sent to subscribers every day where they have actually made approximately £ 178.19 points each month, albeit to different stakes. This makes for an ROI of 11.44% and an overall revenue given that Premier Greyhound Tips of £ 3,563.70.
Big Race Bookie Busters
Big Race Bookie Busters has been with Betting Gods given that the back end of 2014 and given that then, it has actually gone on to make some pretty major profits through horse racing. This is absolutely not a service that will match everyone as it involves pacing big bets when they are available. With the tipster behind the service (Tim) having made his name by offering longer odd tips, you know that you remain in great hands.
This is something that the earnings for Big Race Bookie Busters likewise reveal with £ 4,462.30 made since launching. This means a really reputable ROI of 26.27%.
The Sports Guru
In numerous ways, The Sports Guru is something of a newbie to the Betting Gods steady as it has simply completed its very first year. The service is really high volume and involves betting on an enormous range of various sports. The staking plan foes from 1-5 points per bet so The Sports Expert can be expected to cost you a pretty penny.
Despite this high number of bet and diverse, The Sports Expert has obtained a strike rate of almost 45%, which for a backing service is enormous. Much so that it has actually gone on to make an impressive £ 3,254.60 to £ 10 stakes in just over a year.
Max Racing Tips
This is another relatively new service for Betting Gods with Max Racing Tips going live at the start of May in 2015. Ever since this simple tipster service has actually carried out extremely well.
The tipster behind Max Racing Tips clearly understands his things as the entire service is based around statistical research and an objective to provide the most basic possible choices. This integrated with a typical strike rate of nearly 35% makes Max Racing Tips a strong selection for any punter.
The average month-to-month earnings of 15.19 points go a long method to making it appealing too.
High Rollers Betting
High Rollers Betting is another of the Betting Gods services that have recently commemorated its very first anniversary. The selections are research-based and are sent out daily to customers.
Betting Gods say that the only purpose of High Roller’s Betting is to generate income for you, and in this regard, it stands out. In 12 months High-stakes gambler’s Betting has actually made an impressive £ 3,955.50 to £ 10 stakes. This suggests that each month you would have had an additional £ 329.63 in your back pocket.
The Each Way King
As you may anticipate from the name, The Each Way King mainly concerns itself with each-way betting. Staking is encouraged at either 1 or 2 points. This is certainly an amazing betting service with chances of going up to 18/1 in some races. Because you are backing each-way however, the strike rate still stands at a really decent 28.32%.
This suggests a profit of nearly £ 4,500 in a year and an ROI that dwarves most financial investments, can be found in at 34.08%.
Betting Gods also offer to show you what they use as a free trial of their tipster services:
Betting Gods Free Tipsters
Cudworth’s Racing Lays
Cudworth’s Racing Lays is rather special in that it is the only Betting Gods tipster service that deals with ordinary betting. It is one of the newest services to be provided through Betting Gods and there is a really clear focus quality of selection.
Earnings smart it is a bit of a slow burner however with the average regular monthly profit being available at £ 90 (although still not bad). The important thing to bear in mind here is that there is extremely little threat involved.
Once again, the reality that Betting Gods allow you so much access to their tipsters, all with no real threat if you pick to bet on paper. Value Racing Tips is one of the Betting Gods’ longest-running services. Betting Gods state that the only function of High Roller’s Betting is to make money for you, and in this regard, it stands out. Cudworth’s Racing Lays is rather distinct in that it is the only Betting Gods tipster service that deals with lay betting. It is one of the latest services to be offered through Betting Gods and there is a really clear focus quality of selection.
Quentin Franks Racing
When it comes to Betting Gods and it has actually almost completed its second year, Quentin Franks Racing is something of a long-standing service. Quentin Frank is a long period of time partner of Darren Moore (owner of Betting Gods) and this enables long term results.
Quentin Franks Racing puts a firm focus on this long term method and a keen eye for detail, so much so that some days you get several e-mails per day. All of this is integrated with rather good monthly earnings of £ 215.15.
QF Value Tips
Another offering from Quentin Frank, QF Value Tips continues in a similar mold as his main service. With QF Value Tips, however, selections are sent the day before the race which allows you to seek out the best value and the very best odds.
There are only a handful of these choices daily which won’t suit all punters, however, a strike rate of 26.62% indicates that things are kept amazing and most significantly, successful. This is reflected in the ROI that QF Value Tips has generated to date, a decent 21.54%.
Flat Racing Master
Flat Racing Master is one of the latest services offered through betting Gods nevertheless it is also one that is revealing the most assured. With a combined concentrate on flat racing and a basic betting approach (win and each method stakes), Flat Racing Master remains in fact most likely one of the very best tipsters on the marketplace.
Simply how great is Flat Racing Master? The average monthly earnings are unbelievable sitting at £ 553.60 whilst the ROI is a phenomenal 34.02%.
Golf Betting Expert
Golf Betting Expert is the Betting Gods solution to a golf tipster service. It is likewise the one service that I feel is most convenient to get lost in the numbers. An easy take a look at golf as a sport shows that there is an enormous total up to do not like, for instance, the strike rate is less than 10% which is honestly, abysmal. Despite this, however, the numbers make good sense.
For instance, in simply a couple of brief months, the Golf Betting Expert has actually led the service to an ROI of almost 50% which is unprecedented whilst the average revenue of £ 324 is still stronger than some tipsters.
Try Time Tips
Attempt Time Tips is a rugby sports betting tipster service and it is definitely one of the more fascinating options that are on the market. In reality, with so little direct competitors, Try Time Tips can actually be used to recognize the very best possible rugby selections.
The truth is that Try Time Tips is a massive niche tipster service. Despite that, however, considering that September last year, Try Time Tips has produced earnings of £ 1,243.80 (far from substantial when compared to some).
This is however based on an enormously outstanding strike rate of 48.61%, among, if not the greatest, service that I have ever taken a look at.
The All-Weather God
Whilst other horse racing tipster services concern themselves with mainly seasonal racing, xx looks solely at all-weather condition races. There is a specific consistency to these races as the going doesn’t need to be factored in, and the reality is that the fewer variables, the better.
This follows an easy sufficient 1-3 point staking system and has produced an average strike rate of 30.48%. This suggests that there is revenue of just over £ 1,000 in 6 months and an ROI of 13.98%, neither of which is necessarily life-changing, however with a consistent service this doesn’t matter quite as much.

How do I get my pointers?

When a tipster sends out their selections to their customers, they are issued using email and are likewise submitted to a special member’s area on the Betting Gods website. One of the important things that I really like about Betting Gods is that tips aren’t provided in the same method as some tipster services.
Rather than just listing them in an unanimated and unengaging style, Betting Gods encourages tipsters to explain their choices (although not all the tipsters feel the requirement to do so).
This brings numerous benefits for subscribers. First and primary, you are encouraged to develop your own understanding of the sport that you bet on. For example, a suggestion from today refers to a certain steady struggling a little recently, but likewise discusses how they are coming out of this depression.
If you are interested in horse racing as you may then want to follow them individually, this is important information.
As you can see, once you have joined Betting Gods, and depending on which services you have actually selected, you can log in and view the pointers for that day.

How much does it cost to sign up with Betting Gods?

At present, there isn’t a way of signing up for all of the services that Betting Gods offer. Instead, you need to sign up for each service separately.
The rates naturally differ as one tipster may provide more selections or put more research study into their choices. In the primary nevertheless, the tipster services that Betting Gods provide will cost you around £ 30– £ 50 each month or £ 70– £ 110 per quarter.
These numbers might appear high, but I can assure you that given everything that Betting Gods offers, they are amongst a few of the best in the market. It is also worth mentioning that practically all of the services provide a trial period where you can evaluate a service for a full thirty days for simply £ 1. As mentioned earlier, there is likewise a free day-to-day pointer.
This indicates that despite your spending plan, Betting Gods will have something for you.
Is Betting Gods safe?
I can truly say with the utmost confidence that Betting Gods is probably the best tipster service in the marketplace. As the transparency and honesty that Darren Moore offers, there are free pointers, 30-day trials and finally, all subscription alternatives come with a complete 60-day money-back guarantee which is backed up by Clickbank.
This is unprecedented in the tipster community with nearly all other tipsters taking the technique that the dice fall how they fall and if you’re out of pocket, then it draws to be you.
By providing the Clickbank money-back guarantee, Darren Moore ensures that if for any reason among Betting Gods’ services doesn’t meet your expectations, at all, there is an ironclad 2 month period to claim a refund.
This is possible as Clickbank actively procedure refunds themselves which suggests it runs out of the hands of a vendor.
With all of this in mind, I would welcome you to cast your mind back to the truth that Darren Moore wrote an article for Clickbank about his low refund rate. I believe that this perfectly amounts up just how safe Betting Gods is as an investment.
All of that having been stated, Betting Gods eventually handles tipsters and this indicates that there is bound to be some variation in performance from one month to the next. The fact is that any type of investment or betting can not be stated to be 100% safe however I feel comfy in stating that Darren Moore has done everything that he can to make it as close as possible.

Betting Gods are likewise an authentic business:

The business is genuine, and they do not hide. In fact, their details are plastered all over Google for anyone to see, and find, as you can see listed below:

How can I become a tipster?

Registering to be a tipster through Betting Gods is a quite uncomplicated affair. In fact, you can really quickly apply online. All that you have to do then is show that you can regularly generate income.
The reports from inside the Betting Gods camp are absolutely glowing in regards to the management and the service, and it is clear that Darren Moore has created an extremely appealing bundle.
The income capacity for a tipster is an exceptional 40% of all sales, before expenses.
This indicates that for every pound your service makes, you see 40p (with Darren Moore estimating that £ 3,000– £ 4,000 per month is a decent quantity for a tipster to make). Whilst this doesn’t seem like a lot of money and like you may be much better-going solo, Betting Gods does so much for their commission.
This includes full management of your service from updating outcomes to sending out pointers out and handling memberships. They also offer a comprehensive client assistance experience which suggests that your customers will never feel separated.
Betting Gods likewise offer a complete promo for your services. This ranges from things like reviews and email marketing to ad campaigns in the Racing Post and even sponsorship deals. In reality, at the time of composing, Betting Gods are sponsors at Nottingham, Worcester, and Wolverhampton racecourses.
You are then left free to run your tipster service as you want, “with or without a description”. This suggests that all the administration is gotten off handling a service, yet you are free to run it how you want.
Earnings with Betting Gods?
Darren Moore is exceptionally straight forward with you about what the various services can make you. When it comes to the revenues you can make, I will not offer a full play by play here, however, you can do extremely well. Every month, various services have actually balanced out at around £ 150 to more than £ 500 per month.
This is all achieved with level stakes of simply £ 10 per point. This implies that any results need to be fairly constant and the income capacity must constantly be attainable.
What else does Betting Gods provide?
Betting Gods is primarily concentrated on providing the finest possible access to top tipsters. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that this is all there is to it. There is actually a surprisingly useful blog that is preserved by Darren Moore, with frequent contributions from the tipsters too.
These posts permit you to understand their methods to bet and their analysis, along with being a good read if you wish to get information and professional opinion on upcoming sporting occasions.

Conclusion Betting Gods

What more exists to state about Betting Gods that I haven’t currently covered? Ever because the company introduced I have actually been an advocate of their technique which puts you, the punter, at the heart of everything.
I have in fact evaluated a number of their products before now (which have actually all been positive) and whenever I have walked away material with what I have taken a look at. What has surprised me in carrying out this much more detailed and substantial review, is just how much there is a focus on you as the punter.
Darren Moore is more dedicated to an excellent consumer experience than any person I know of online in the tipster field. There are bags of evidence to back all of this up, From the natural and organic development of Betting Gods to interviews with the man himself.
The important things are when taking a look at Betting Gods as a whole is you truly develop a brand-new found appreciation for how everything ties together. This is a well-oiled maker that rewards everyone at all levels.
Tipsters receive excellent marketing, promotion, and management. As a punter, you absolutely get the best service by a mile– or should that be by a furlong???
I have actually primarily focussed on the service side of Betting Gods but it is necessary to acknowledge too that of the 14 services that Darren Moore handles, all of them have remained rewarding in the long term.
Sure, there is the odd hiccup, nevertheless, any tipster will tell you that this is simply part and parcel of the industry, but in the case of Betting Gods, the outcomes are certainly amongst some of the more favorable I have looked at.

Betting Gods Have My Recommendation

So to summarise, I have always like Betting Gods products, and after a great deal of research, I like them a lot more. Darren Moore truly appears to be one of the best guys in the market and he appreciates the service his punters get. This has enabled Betting Gods to turn into a really worldwide business.
If you are brand-new to any form of tipping service, then I would recommend Betting Gods over all others. You can likewise trial things without threat which is a lot more than most tipster services can use you.
The same also applies to seasoned wagerers. Betting Gods have a service for every betting portfolio and once again, there is very little damage in providing things a dry run.
With all of this in mind, I wholeheartedly endorse Betting Gods and I believe that it is something extremely unusual. A tipster service that anybody thinking about generating income online need to check out.
Golf Betting Expert is Betting God’s address to a golf tipster service. Betting Gods also provide full promotion for your services. Betting Gods is mostly focused on providing the finest possible access to leading tipsters.??
I have mainly focused primarily on the service side of Betting Gods but it however important to essential as well that of the 14 services that Darren Moore manages, handles of them have remained have actually stayed rewarding long term.
If you are new to any type of tipping service, then I would advise Betting Gods over all others.


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