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Does Make Girls Chase You Work? Should You Get It?

Make Girls Chase You Review

Make Girls Chase You Review

What’s Make Girls Chase You All About?

While some of the tips he gives make good sense and noise rather reliable on paper, I discovered him to have too much of a simple, and honestly, even a bit misogynistic view on women and relationships. I would not say the program is a waste of money, it definitely is overpriced. The primary product is a 111-page e-book, and I’d state that almost all the chapters could be summed up into a single phrase without losing any of the material or essential principles. I can’t precisely put his words to the test because of the pandemic, but again, while the majority of his ideas appear promising, I seem like he is attempting to sell a magic formula for dating or getting girls, and I do not think people are basic enough to be easily manipulated by using this formula and the 1 or 7 or 5 magic words he mentions so frequently. In my opinion, his program could act as a semi-reliable guide to help you to get a choose group of ladies, but you must understand that the suggestions he mentions are not axioms. You might get a lot more if you take them as recommendations.
And please do not PM me for the book’s link. But in case you can’t comment anymore, feel free to message me any questions you might have.
Below is a summarization of the primary ideas the book uses. If this gets taken down or the man himself pertains to speak with me, it only proves how the course is scammed and overpriced. Without even more due, here are the ideas in no specific order:
There is no such thing as someone who runs out of your league. If you’re going to try dating with that mentality, you are less most likely to be effective. Try instead of looking positive and thinking favorably.
Much like the tip above, this is about self-confidence and dealing with the worry of rejection., think “What if she says yes?
View dating as a market. Male pay for the promise of sex with the promise of dedication and ladies do the opposite. Obviously, if you assure commitment to a woman, she is most likely to wish to sleep with you.
He mentions levels of dedication. What you can take from this is that females want your attention and you shouldn’t give it away quickly. If you’re giving away excessive, in market terms it suggests its low-cost, and therefore, does not have quality in comparison to other men who are harder to get.
You’re going to feel more positive if you see the woman you’re trying to get with as an enemy in an enjoyable video game instead of if you see her as your opponent in a battle.
Be straight to the point. When approaching a woman, make it clear that you’re attracted to her. There is no need to try to hide it or repent of it, otherwise, you’ll simply make things harder for both of you.
Make her feel special. Make her aware that you have numerous alternatives but for some factor, you are drawn to her.
He mentions the “bachelor result”. The more females are attracted to you, the more ladies are going to be brought into you. Basically, if other women see you as a great option, this is bound to influence their friend’s viewpoint about you. They’ll think “he is probably not a bad choice if all my friends and all these other women like him.”
The “takeaway” technique states that after some time talking to her, try playfully stating something that represents disapproval like “Aw fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this” or “That’s it, you have actually lost me. I’m offering you the silent treatment for 2 minutes.” She’ll try to get your attention back.
The principle of negative body language is much like the takeaway method, but with your body. After a long time, turn away slightly, cross your arms, and so on. The magic F-word is “good friend”. Obviously, if you toss thins word in a convo, she is 3 times MoRe LiKeLy to want to sleep with you. Say “Haha, thanks for doing this with me, friend.” Or some other version of this She will see it as a challenge and it will increase her attraction towards you, or “I have a fun idea. Text me later on.” And the 7 WoRd PhRaSe ThAt WiLl MaKe HeR cHaSe YoU is: “I could see you as my sweetheart”.
Be buddies with lots of females to make it appear like she has competition.
Apparently, women are indecisive (kinda true in my experience tho). He says that if you’re at a dining establishment and she does not understand what to buy, you must buy for her. He states in all caps that she will LIKE IT.
Make yourself not available by turning down particular dates. I saw that in the book, a lot of, if not all of the techniques are focused on making females envious of you.
Escalate the discussion with concerns that will make her say yes. Start with “You like men who are positive, best?” and then “You like when a person takes the lead, right?” Your preferred simulacrum of a human woman will say yes to these easy basic questions, and you will intensify by starting to ask stuff like “You like when a guy is a little rougher in bed yes?” and “What about choking? You like that, right?”. Keep going and by the end of the night, obviously, she will become your willing submissive sex servant and will accept practically anything you desire.

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