One Funnel Away Review

Hi there, welcome to my One Funnel Away Review.
Looking to buy One Funnel Away? Are you still not convinced it is the right product for you? Worry no more as I present to you my honest review of One Funnel Away and how it can be of immense benefit to you.
Read my detailed One Funnel Away review, features, benefits, pros & cons, price, and where to buy it to get a well-informed decision before you buy.
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Keep on reading as I present to you my detailed review of One Funnel Away and how it can help you solve your problems and achieve your desired results.

One Funnel Away Review

One Funnel Away Review
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What’s One Funnel Away All About?

Developing a sales funnel is necessary for any online business.
A basic sales funnel using ClickFunnels assisted improve my book sales by 150%. And my results are modest compared to thousands of other ClickFunnels users.
If you’re brand-new to online selling or have actually never built a sales funnel before, getting begun can be overwhelming.

Where do you start?

One year ago I was a complete newbie to sales funnels. So I signed up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, which is the flagship training guide to ClickFunnels produced by its creator Russell Bruson.
In my ultimate extensive One Funnel Away Challenge review, I’m going to inform you everything you require to know about this popular training program based upon my personal experience of taking it.
I’m going to:
Provide you a detailed overview of the challenge.
The program you step by step how it assisted me to sell more of my books through my website.
Outline the pros and cons of registering.
My One Funnel Away Challenge review is perfect for anybody totally brand-new to sales funnels who wants a no-nonsense introduction to this popular training program.
This is the article I want I might have checked out when I was weighing up whether to register for this program.
Let’s start.
What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?
The One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge is a virtual 30-day program that will assist you in every action of the way in developing a highly rewarding sales funnel.
I took the challenge myself (more on that below) when I was just starting with sales funnels.
Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian are the trainers. Via video lessons, they will be teaching you everything they’ve found out in establishing multiple million-dollar sales funnels.
Every day, they break down complex topics and give you objectives (comparable to research) that you need to complete to get to the next step.
People retain 90% of what they learn when they put it into immediate practice, so when you finish the day-to-day objectives, you’re solidifying your knowledge.
However do not stress, the everyday objectives set by Russell aren’t too challenging to finish; however, they are developed to make you stretch your limits and think outside package.
After the end of the thirty days, you’ll be ready to release your very first (or next) funnel to the world.

Who is this challenge for?

However, is the One Funnel Away Challenge for you? I certainly don’t believe this challenge is for everybody.
The challenge is an extremely fast-paced challenge that demands your time and attention for 30 days.
The challenge is ideal for you if you:
Have an idea for an online business but do not rather know how to get your products/services out there
Have actually hit a wall with your business and require a structured strategy to reach the next level
Are an affiliate online marketer who wishes to increase sales
Have actually never constructed a funnel but want to learn how
Need to fix an existing funnel.
The challenge is probably not for people who:
Do not have the time to see the videos and work through the missions
Want a “get rich quick” business method
Want training that they can reserve for weeks at a time
Do not believe in investing money into their own business (this challenge is not free and we’ll talk about the price in the future).
Think their sales funnels are perfect and do not want tough-love to learn and grow.
If you fall under any of the above, you’ll most likely wish to stop reading my One Funnel Away Challenge review as the challenge most likely isn’t for you.
I do not like blowing my own trumpet about generating income online.
There are lots of online marketers out there who are much more enthusiastic about doing that than I am.
It’s going to be useful to provide you a step-by-step overview of precisely this training program that helped me.
It will provide context to everything I talk about in this One Funnel Away Challenge review.

Here’s a quick rundown of my story.

Before I found the One Funnel Away Challenge program, I was a blogger who wasn’t making a great deal of money. If you’re a blog writer too or know one, then you’ll know I was hardly Robinson Crusoe in this regard.
The thing is I’m a good author who understood how to get a great deal of traffic to my website. I was horrible at really making money from what I was composing about.
As you can see, by August I was getting 60,000+ distinct visitors a day to my website from search. That’s okay.
When I initially began blogging 5 years ago I believed I would be rolling in cash if I ever accomplished this level of traffic. While I was earning decent money from Adsense and a few other things, I certainly wasn’t taking any holidays in The Hamptons.
I understood something had to alter.
And one thing I required to do was sell more of my eBooks.
Offering eBooks is one method my website makes money. It’s not my main focus but it’s still something I wanted to get.
In 2018 I churned out 7 eBooks on subjects varying from Buddhism, to mindfulness, to taking duty for your life. The books were excellent however my sales were underwhelming.
I started utilizing Shopify to offer these books. Shopify might be a terrific e-commerce platform however it’s badly geared up to help people sell their eBooks. I discovered the sales pages to be awful and the performance poor.
My biggest error, nevertheless, was that I didn’t have a sales funnel of any kind.
I had actually heard great things about sales funnels and ClickFunnels more normally. However, I had no idea how to in fact develop one (actually none). So beginning my very first funnel was more than a little daunting …
That’s why I dived into the One Funnel Away Challenge. I knew I needed some hands-on training to produce some extremely successful sales funnels.
The One Funnel Away Challenge taught me details on how to produce the perfect sales funnel for the products I was offering. It was the launching pad for increasing my book sales by 150% virtually overnight.
Here’s precisely how I did it.
Increasing my eBook sales by 150%.
Nearly one year given that changing over to ClickFunnels, my eBook sales have actually increased by 150%.
I went from selling $120 of eBooks a day typically utilizing Shopify to $300 with ClickFunnels.
The traffic I sent to the sales pages hasn’t increased meaningfully. The secret is that I’m converting much better and my average order value has increased from $11 to $19.
Not a bad boost to something that’s just a side hustle for my business.
An appearance inside my sales funnel.
I selected the 2-Step TripWire after learning more about it in the One Funnel Away Challenge.
It’s a pretty simple funnel and perfectly matched to the eBooks I had to offer.
The key to this funnel is to provide an irresistible upsell.
A single eBook of mine costs $9. After they buy this, they are taken to my costly 1-click upsell. If they don’t buy me upsell they are then offered a lower-priced 1-click down-sell.
My 1-click upsell is a package of all 7 of my eBooks for $25. The 1-click downsell is 2 eBooks that are carefully related to the single eBook they at first bought for $8.
The 1-click element of this is important. As I have currently gathered their credit card information from the single eBook purchase, they include the upsell or downsell to their cart with only one click. No need to ask for their charge card information again.
So the 6 steps of my funnels are:
Sales page.
Order form.
Order confirmation.
Shipment of eBooks.
Instead of only having the ability to generate $9 per transaction from each customer for a single eBook, I now earn approximately $34 transactions in one transaction.
This is how the One Funnel Away Challenge assisted me.
Plainly the funnels you design after taking this challenge will likely be really various from what I did. A sales funnel can imply really different things depending upon the kind of business you remain in.
The very best part is that the One Funnel Away Challenge will help you create just about any kind of sales funnel you can imagine.
Why should you care about funnels?
Before I enter into the meat and potatoes of the One Funnel Away Challenge program, I want to describe the significance of funnels.
Without comprehending why funnels are essential to your business, you won’t comprehend why the knowledge shared in the OFA Challenge is so valuable.
If you’re brand-new to online selling, you won’t wish to skip this part.
Put simply, a sales funnel is the journey that guides your customer towards your offer, whether that’s a product, service, or an affiliate sale.
When your funnel is structured appropriately, it functions as a salesperson who holds the hand of your prospects, reveals them the method, and encourages them to purchase from you.
We participate in multiple sales funnels every day, from purchasing our early morning coffee to getting groceries to shopping online for items we have an interest in.
As a savvy business owner, you must know how to optimize your funnels to get more clicks, leads, and ultimately, sales.
Sales funnels can be complicated, and if you do not know what an appropriate funnel looks like, it could end up doing more harm than excellent.
A poorly-designed funnel will leakage potential customers along the way, leaving you with low conversion rates and annoyed consumers.
On the other hand, a well-thought-out funnel is a secret sauce to scaling your business.
The One Funnel Away Challenge is going to take you by the hand and teach you absolutely everything you need to know to produce high-converting sales funnels for your business.
Sound excellent? Let’s dive right into the program.

What you get with the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a robust system designed to set you up for making more money online.
When you enroll in it, you’ll receive a box provided to your door stuffed with materials and resources (that’s if you choose to pay for shipping, otherwise everything is online).
Here’s what you’ll get.
1 Month of Mission Videos from Russell Brunson.
Russell Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels, began his own $360 million SaaS business, totally self-funded.
He’s a best-selling author who has offered over 250,000 books and has a following of countless entrepreneurs.
Rather truthfully, he’s someone you want to be listening from.
For one month, you’re going to be getting different missions from Russell that will streamline the funnel-building procedure.
One Month of Coaching From Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian.
Julie Stoian, another seven-figure entrepreneur, exists to give you the precise steps you require to put Russell’s missions into action.
She will assist you to get everything up and running and exists to guide your funnel-creation process.
And lastly, Stephen Larsen, the former Lead Funnel Home builder for ClickFunnels, has actually developed over 500 sales funnels.
After he left ClickFunnels, he created his own business from the ground up and generated over $1 million in just 13 months.
Stephen carries out daily group calls and will assist keep you accountable. He’s a straight-shooter and will tell you specifically what you require to hear.
One Funnel Away Challenge bonuses.
The above training videos and responsibility calls are worth more than $2,000 when used individually, and rather honestly, they are all you really need to create your funnel.
But like any excellent salesman, Russel Brunson likewise includes a bunch of bonuses to make registering to the challenge a lot more compelling.
Here are the One Funnel Away Challenge bonuses you’ll get thrown in right away after you enroll.
A physical copy of the workbook.
Studies show that writing your notes pen to paper will assist you to remember what you’re learning much better than taking digital notes.
You can use your physical workbook to take notes and help retain everything you are learning.
Thirty days of a hardcover book.
Russell asked 30 members of his Two Comma Club (ClickFunnel members who have actually earned more than $1 million from their sales funnels) this question:
” what would you do if you lost everything, including your name, reputation, and followers? How would you earn back your millions in only 1 month?”.
In other words, he asked his Two Comma Club members to set out a day-by-day plan for those who are just getting going, so they can reach $1 million in sales.
Their responses were gathered and put into a hardcover book.
It’s like having 30 various blueprints to build out a million-dollar funnel all in one place.
This bonus alone is incredible.
MP3 Player with all the recordings.
If fitting one hour of extra work into your day will be an obstacle, you can use the MP3 player to listen to the recordings wherever and whenever to make it a bit much easier.
The recordings will also include Stephen’s training calls from the last challenge.
Overall, you’ll have more than 40 hours of training calls and interviews on your MP3 that you can easily listen to anywhere.
Unlimited access to 1-month interviews.
During the 1 month challenge, you’re going to be busy completing objectives and developing out your own high-converting funnel.
The interviews included in this bonus are filled with valuable bits, however, if you don’t discover the time to enjoy them all during the 1 month, you can go back and enjoy them afterward as you’ll have unlimited gain access to.
Interviews with the Two Comma Club.
In these interviews, 30 Two Comma Club members will discuss what mistakes they made along the way (so you can prevent them) and what they did right (so you can replicate their success).
They do not hold back, and these interviews are unique to the OFA Challenge members just.
What you’ll learn.
Here’s an introduction of what you’ll learn across the 5 weeks of the One Funnel Away challenge:
Pre-challenge week– Everything about getting in the right mindset to propel your business forward.
Week 1– Learn the fundamentals of how to sell online, consisting of how to get the attention of clients with a hook, the value of storytelling, and what it takes to build an attractive offer.
Week 2– Everything about sales copy. This is the week I delighted in the most as it’s totally appropriate for selling books. I found out exactly how to carry out the hooks, narrate that creates an emotional reaction from the reader, and how to produce the “aha” moment in the minds of my audience about the new opportunity.
Week 3– The nuts and bolts of building your sales funnel. This is useful advice I would not have actually been able to discover anywhere else. I found out how to produce sales pages, series pages, One Time Deals (OTOs), etc
. Week 4– Concentrate on traffic and promo. I’m an SEO man who swears by organic traffic, it was still interesting to learn about all the paid traffic opportunities out there.
I probably discovered hundreds of useful things throughout the 5 weeks. However, 2 things stand apart as being absolute player changers for me:
Precisely how to tell a story for the product I was selling. As Russell Branson explains in the first couple of weeks, there’s a template for telling stories that develop belief, emotion, and trust that could obtain any product. My sales pages are so much better now for having actually learned this.
Actually creating the funnel. By the end of the challenge, I understood everything about creating a high-converting sales funnel, and how to build it within ClickFunnels. I learned how to build a sales page, capture page, an upsell page, etc, and the right series depending on the product.
Now, a lot of people say you need to read or listen to everything the 3 instructors provide you (in order) and finish all the homework tasks without fail. I think they’re overemphasizing how stiff the program is.
You do require to put in more work than the typical online marketing course but I skimmed a couple of things that were less relevant to my business and was laser-focused on the things that truly mattered to me.
I believe a bit of cherry selecting works great with this program.
Benefits of signing up with the One Funnel Away Challenge
On top of receiving thousands of dollars of products that you will not be able to discover in other places, there are a couple of other pros to the OFA Challenge I wish to highlight.
Joining the One Funnel Away Challenge will open numerous doors for you, including the chance to learn more about some of the very best online marketers there are (Russell, Julie, and Stephen).
You’ll also be able to communicate with other challenge members, much of whom are fantastic people to network with and be familiar with.
Cons of the One Funnel Away Challenge
When I state this course is busy, I suggest it. You do not have the choice to work through things slowly and haphazardly.
If you select to take time off, you will fall behind.
Now, I wasn’t the most persistent student when it pertained to this challenge, but I still required myself to put some time aside most days to learn something brand-new from this course.
Are 30 days of difficult work worth the potential of creating very valuable sales funnels?
It was for me.
Frequently Asked Questions about the One Funnel Away Challenge
How much does it cost?
The One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100. If you want the physical kit, you’ll need to pay shipping of $19.95 within the US and $29.95 outside the United States. You can just access the digital-only variation of the challenge which has no shipping expense.
Is it worth the cost?
Your overall investment to join the One Funnel Away Challenge is $100.
That’s not pocket modification but it’s quite little cost in contrast to what you’ll learn. By the end of the program, you’ll make that money back within a day with your brand-new and enhanced funnels.
I definitely did on the very first day I introduced my sales funnel.
And to put the $100 into additional viewpoint, Russell Brunson currently charges $100,000 to take a seat with customers for only one day of coaching. And that’s not consisting of Julie’s and Stephen’s rates for training.
But with the OFA Challenge, you have 30 days of coaching with three first-rate online marketers for a portion of the rate.
Do you require a ClickFunnels subscription?
The beauty of this challenge is that you don’t always require any extra software or add-ons to complete the work or gain from the information provided.
In the name of openness, I will say this: ClickFunnels does make the funnel-building process so much simpler. After joining the challenge, you might find yourself thinking about registering for ClickFunnels yourself.
And by week 3 in the challenge when you begin building your own funnels, having a ClickFunnels account will definitely assist.
Nevertheless, building out a sales funnel can be performed in a variety of different ways:
Through your website
From your email marketing software
From other funnel building software applications.
If you want to take the challenge however do not want to sign up with ClickFunnels, no worries. You’ll still take advantage of everything the course has to use.
You can read my complete review of the ClickFunnels platform here.
Why can’t I simply learn everything online free of charge?
You can definitely find out about funnels and direct response marketing online totally free.
I have actually learned many of the things I know about blogging and online marketing from free resources on the internet. Yet I didn’t hesitate to register for the One Funnel Away Challenge myself.
Here’s why.
When you Google “sales funnels for novices,” nearly 55 million outcomes show.
And from all those resources, numerous are obsoleted and unreliable.
Picture how much time it will take to piece together all that information by yourself.
6 months?
1 year?
You need to ask yourself just how much your time deserves. If you have months (or years) to attempt and master sales funnels on your own and you’re in no rush to drive your business forward, maybe learning on your own is the route you’d like to take.
Not just that, but you’ll likewise likely make errors along the way, costing you sales and future consumers.
When you think about it from that viewpoint, $100 really isn’t that steep of financial investment if it’s going to prevent lost time and lost sales.
If you wish to determine sales funnels within 1 month, the One Funnel Away Challenge is your response.
Free courses have infamously low conclusion rates. 85% of people who enlist in free programs and courses never complete them.
And I know what you’re thinking: “but I’m different, I ‘d in fact finish the course!” However truthfully speaking, when you have your own skin in the game (such as money invested), you’re more likely to go through the material and learn the material.
Can I join the challenge at any time?
Unfortunately, you can not join the challenge at any time.
Since this challenge is so hands-on, Russell, Julie, and Stephen require to work it around their schedules to provide you individualized attention.
It’s open today, but there are no guarantees that it will open back up again (Russell does not have a date for the next challenge and hasn’t specified if there will even be one).
My One Funnel Away Challenge review verdict
The One Funnel Away Challenge has been getting a lot of buzz with entrepreneurs and online company owner recently.
I’m quite hesitant about online courses, specifically those to do with internet marketing. And Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels is the ultimate salesperson. The shiny sales page for the One Funnel Away Challenge is testimony to that.
The simple truth is though that the One Funnel Away Challenge delivers real value to those prepared to commit to the 30-day training program.
I had struck a brick wall selling my eBooks before I registered for the challenge. Instantly after launching my first sales funnel through ClickFunnels, I increased my book sales by 150%.
If you can dedicate to doing a bit of work every day for 1 month, the One Funnel Away Challenge will help you make a lot more money online.


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