The Lost Ways 2 Review

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The Lost Ways 2 Review

The Lost Ways 2 Review
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What’s The Lost Ways 2 All About?

In this post, we are going to review the 2nd book by Claude Davis– The Lost Ways 2. After the huge success of the initial The Lost Ways Book, Claude releases the 2nd book under the same name loaded with much more information around self-healing, survival, nature, and self-sustainability.
The Lost Ways 2 by Claude Davis, is an upgraded edition of the original The Lost Ways Book. This edition includes many brand-new survival abilities along with a substantial collection of herbs Belonging to The Americas. This book is a must-have for people who want to learn some pretty nasty survival abilities and for people who want to become self-sustainable by utilizing nature and natural medication.
Survival and flexibility are essential parts of living things, particularly human beings and animals. According to the Darwinian evolutionary theory of Survival of the Fittest, organisms must endure in any means to leave a successive generation and to live successfully in its environment.
The Lost Ways 2 is a mind-blowing and exceptional book that offers the information you need to survive in this ever-changing and competitive habitat. Written by Claude Davis, The Lost Ways 2 unveils ancient and unconventional ways of dealing and surviving numerous atmospheric conditions, disease conditions, wars, natural disasters, and all other environmental dangers that can threaten our extremely own presence.
The book “The Lost Ways 2” is the 2nd edition of The Lost Ways series; it provides some severe information on surviving and herbs utilization that are extremely easy to comprehend, logically permitted, and scientifically proven.
In the book, Davis completely explains how to make and store food for long term use. It likewise guides about healthy living, healthy lifestyle, monetary sufficiency, and self-sufficiency. The book also assists reveal foods that have high nutritional value and that can last for months without any preservation.

About the Author

The author of The Lost Ways 2 is Claude Davis. Davis is a survival expert and writer who has constantly been fascinated by people who were residing in the old days. He states that “people back in the days were smarter, stronger, healthier and more independent”.
With more than 30 years of experience, Davis has skilled knowledge, pertinent suggestions, and clinically proven useful information on planning ahead of any disaster to safeguard yourselves and your liked ones.
Davis owns a website,, which is based on survival, wildlife and forest expedition, and an apocalypse enthusiast.
Davis has co-authored the book– The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies– with Dr. Nicole Apelian. He has actually likewise written many posts on how to survive and about counting on nature instead of modern technology in times of crisis in a bid to promote self-sufficiency. He also describes ways to embrace our ancestral approach to life and improvise their effective survival abilities.
He’s a company believer in “practice what you preach”, so he has actually personally constructed a log cabin where he lives with his wife and two children. Which he teaches on the book on how to do it
The Lost Ways book series have two editions. The first edition was published 2 years back and was an enormous hit amongst the prepper and natural living neighborhoods. The 2nd edition was released a couple of months back.
Both editions are composing around the idea of “Survival.” Although both books are based upon the same principle, some things are various in between the two editions.
Let me discuss in brief the differences in both editions.
The first edition of The Lost Ways focuses more on the old and standard way of living. It guides on early survival tactics. The details in this book are highly helpful and comprehensive, the second edition is more in-depth and filled with refined and additional information.
The second edition, on the other hand, includes refined modern-day and scientifically authorized methods of survival, survival tricks, and a more comprehensive detailed description than the first edition.
For instance, The Lost Ways 2 Reserve consists of the list below subjects ON TOP of what the first edition included.
You will learn more about a Lost superfood that was made by the ancient Incas and helped them survive a 4-year draught while eliminating all their enemies. It was just recently found by NASA and it is kept a secret far from the public.
Claude describes in detail how to make lard properly and how to protect meat in lard for over 2 years WITHOUT a Refrigerator.
Inside the Lost Ways 2, you will learn more about another superfood that has its origins back in ancient Samurai Japan. The Samurai were eating only this food for months without needing anything else to keep them strong.
In Lost Ways 2, you will discover schematics and detailed information on how to make your own log house for LESS than $500. That’s. Make Your Own Log House for less than $500.
The Lost Ways 2 is now improved by a big chapter consisting of almost ALL the edible and medicinal plants in the Americas. With colored pictures to determine them quickly.
You will likewise learn how to slice a deer and how to tan its conceal without utilizing chemicals and without investing any money. All with natural techniques our forefathers were using.
You will learn how to get the highest pureness charcoal … the old-style way and likewise how to turn it into triggered charcoal All the above-mentioned points can be discovered JUST in the second edition of The Lost Ways.

Who is this Book For?

This book is suitable for anybody who comprehends the value of being prepared and self-sustainable at the same time– anytime. Waiting for “Uncle Sam” to save you when a catastrophe strikes without warning is not a smart choice.
The Lost Ways 2 is ideal for people who want to abolish the use of standard medication– a practice that it is not implied to heal you but to keep you hooked to keep investing your hard-earned cash on pills, drugs, and lotions in the big pharma market produces.
With mostly all medicinal Herbs native to the Americas, The Lost Ways 2 will absolutely be of usage– even if you don’t fall in the “prepper” neighborhood.
The Lost Ways 2 prepares you to stand apart and endure any ecological and natural crisis. If you want to protect yourself and make become self-dependent, this book is for you. If you also want to learn ancient approaches to survival, conventional medical treatments, and improving your lifestyle through a nutritional diet, then this book is the only book you’re gonna require.
Elements of the Book and What You Will Find Inside
A Log House
Log-house schematics are included in The Lost Ways 2 Book.
Lost Ways 2 includes in-depth survival methods that are extremely specific for detailed use by everyone. The book features simple to advanced survival techniques of survival.
Every treatment has actually been almost shown to be effective. In the book, you will learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe throughout natural catastrophes, pandemics, wars, and illness, making you self-dependent.
You will know everything about emergency and security shelters and how to make them. It likewise provides you information on how to make storm shelters, basements, and power stations that will keep you safe from every external environmental threat.
In conclusion, the guides in the book consist of;
Searching and Trap Making: You will learn how to make basic hunting equipment, traps, and effectively hunt and slaughter animals to guarantee a constant inflow of quality protein and food throughout a crisis. Also, the guides teach how to tan animal skins and hide naturally at your home.
The Lost Ways 2 Review [2020] – 2nd Edition
Food Recipes and storage: This book will provide you access to an extensive collection of highly healthy food with an easy, detailed guide on how to make them. The book likewise features ways to build shelters and shop for stockpiling and keeping your cooking, meat, and water for a very long time to help you scale through during any disaster or war
Water Storage: Water can be a complex thing to find throughout crises and catastrophes. This guide teaches you how to collect tidy and drinkable water and how to save water effectively without investing a penny successfully. Likewise, numerous water filtration approaches and building easy filter systems to purify your drinking water.
Weapons: the book gives insights about developing weapons in case you run out of contemporary weapons.
Medical Plants: The Lost Ways 2 included a big chapter on edible and medicinal plants belonging to the Americas and with big colored images to easily determine each plant.

The Lost Ways 2– PROS & CONS


The strategies in The Lost Ways 2 are specific and simple that anyone can apply them. Apart from disasters, the guide can also be used to improve the way of life, health, and security. Procedures can also be used throughout the day to day activities to enhance the quality of life.
The book is extremely detailed and contains relevant survival guides. The guides provide real-life experiences, and its treatments have actually been assessed and attempted, so you do not have to stress over its effectiveness. The book has enough guides and information to survive numerous nature slumps, catastrophes, and wars. The book comes with bonus books that assist you in EMP and how to survive an EMP attack.
The procedures and guides in the book are effective. The author desires to replace dependency on innovative technologies by infusing survival instincts from our ancestors to help individuals become self-sufficient and self-sufficient.
60-day Money-Back Guarantee: The value of money can not be overstated in this modern-day world. To prove that the sellers value your hard-earned money, Lost Method 2 includes a 60-day money-back guarantee i.e, you can get your money back within 60 days of purchase. If you find the book unacceptable, or the guides are not handy, you can get your money back within 60 days of purchase, which you will not have to do since of the book’s maximum benefits.
Inexpensive and Cost-efficient: The Lost Ways 2 is simply $37, which makes it really affordable compared to its function. Likewise, the advised components and devices used are within your reach, so you will not need to tension yourself before getting the things you require.
The book gives insights and knowledge about lots of practical activities that will make life practical and promote self-sufficiency.
Endless access to updates: After purchasing the book, you will have endless access to its subsequent updates. This enables you to stay on course with discoveries and new information as they are updated at no extra cost.
Healthy Consuming Habits and Nutritional Food Option: The book also includes guides on a healthy diet and eating practices.
It laid out super nutritional foods and how to store them so that you won’t have a problem during emergencies, catastrophes, and pandemics. Efficient medically-approved solutions that have absolutely no side impacts to improve the quality of life and make living comfortable. All products utilized are cost-efficient and cost-friendly. They are likewise readily offered.


The guides provided in The Lost Ways book does not produce a result really quick. You need to be patient and make use of the guidelines in the book accordingly.

Bonus Deal and Plans

Another helpful perk of buying The Lost Way 2 is that you are eligible to get 2 not-to-be-missed bonus bundles TOTALLY FREE. The bundles include everyday guide books that complement the Lost Method.
How to Become Self Adequate on 4 Acres of Land
The book, How to Become Self Enough on 4 Acres of Land helps readers to easily build and produce a self-sufficient and self-sufficient shelter from a small area of land, and how to effectively protect your home from attack.
Also, the guide offers information on how to preserve food and foods items, gain access to tidy and drinkable water, develop a medicinal garden and grow green life, sustaining without electrical power specifically for people in downtowns or rural areas, energy development, and conservation and other useful life-sustaining guides.

What Do You Require to Have Ready before An EMP

The second bonus book, What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP. Electromagnetic Pulse is a brief burst of electrical, magnetic, or radiated EM impulse that can trigger a surge in electrical voltage and irreversible damage to electrical devices.
An EMP can affect human beings and cause surges. An EMP can be weaponized to damage excellent, unpreventable havoc due to the increase in technology all over the world. This book teaches you many things about protecting yourself and even your family from the result of an EMP. It helps you prepare for a possible event.

Should you purchase The Lost Ways 2?

The short answer is, Yes. You need to.
Lost Ways 2 is an important book that handles the essential aspect of human survival, which is a vital part of life continuity. Crisis and catastrophes are natural evolutionary modifications that guarantee the continuity of only strong and capable species.
Ranging from lifestyle to healthy living to diet and solutions, this 300-paged book offers covers a broad scope of human survival tactics.
You must buy it because you will learn about enhancing your health through foods and natural treatments. Old medical ways of treating illness and infection which have been abandoned due to new age medication and the profit-above-human design– almost all big pharmaceutical companies press.
You will learn how to harness the wonders of Nature to get rid of disorders and grow any kind of herb for medical purposes in your yard. The Lost Ways 2 will teach you how to efficiently deal with lots of illness on your own, how to find the medical plants, and how to use them.
Also, you will learn how to make potent and powerful prescription antibiotics and bacterial drugs, pain relievers, and other substantial diseases from herbs, plants, and shrubs that have been thoroughly and boldly showing in the book.
You must buy it since it teaches natural Wound management, stoping bleedings, and sanitizing wounds with plants. Apart from enhancing health, this book offers an extremely comprehensive method of creating protective shelter during crises and disasters.
You will learn about food making and know highly nutritious foods and how to have a constant supply of protein from hunting animals. You learn how to make traditional weapons and arms to hunts and safeguard yourself.

Where to Buy The Lost Ways 2 Book.

You can buy the book just from the original website on digital kind just, on Paperback, and both Digital and Paperback types for just $37. Note that options that include the book in paperback kind have an extra $8.99 Shipping and Managing Fees.
The Lost Ways 2 is a helpful guide that prepares and reinforces you against any natural and environmental failure. It includes guides about improving lifestyle, getting closer to an ideal and satisfying life.
With many client reviews, The Lost Ways 2 is absolutely a must-have for everybody who desires to live a self-reliant life. The book also comes with a 60-days refund guarantee, and therefore, you have nothing to lose.
Thank you for reading our The Lost Ways 2 Review. It indicates a lot to us. If you feel like this review has helped you make the best decision on whether to acquire this book or not, do not hesitate to share it with your family and friends. We make sure they will appreciate the reality that you are sharing something so helpful with them.


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