TubeAim – Youtube Ad Targeting Software To SuperCharge Your Traffic

TubeAim Review

The problem the majority of paid Youtube ads advertisers face online is recognition and trust. Once you aren’t a known brand, the majority of internet users wouldn’t love clicking on your paid ads and even if they do, it doesn’t convert. That’s the reason why TubeAim was created. On launch day and beyond, you should grab a copy of TubeAim, that lets you be able to target your target audience across any niche or keyword on Youtube using paid ads and still be able to gain trust.
Read below or click here to buy (you get my bonus package below) as I review this new product that’s meant to revolutionalize the way we advertise on Youtube.

TubeAim Overview

Vendor: Sandy Nayak
Product Name: TubeAim
Launch Date: 2019-Nov-01
Launch Time: 15:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $37
Upsells/OTOs Available: YES
Bonus: YES
Niche: Video Marketing
Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend: Highly recommended

TubeAim Introduction

TubeAim is a web-based software that lets you use an ethical audience hacking method that will pull viewers to your videos in thousands. It helps you to find and target any Monetized Videos on YouTube. A Training webinar would also be provided for you which covers all you need to know about YouTube Advertising in 2019 and beyond.
I know you want to grow your Online business and with TubeAim, you get the targeted traffic you need to succeed.

TubeAim Features

  • Web-Based Submitter
  • Supports All Languages
  • Unlimited campaigns to search Monetized Videos
  • Fail-proof reports system to get all the monetizable links
  • No Captchas, No Proxies, No Manual work. 100% Automated
  • Training videos to guide you

TubeAim Benefits

  • Get more targeted traffic to your website for pennies on the dollar.
  • Increase your sales and commissions in any niche – it can be anything from eCom, SaaS, Info products, Coaching services, Offline Subscription services like gym, spas, etc.
  • Sell Targeted Youtube Ads As A Service To Existing/New Client base as a part of your agency offering.

TubeAim Pros & Cons


  • Link Reports

Download CSV files right after a search get processed. Each & every monetized video link is reported without fail every single time.

  • 100% Automated (No manual work required)

Forget about semi-automated tools, manual work, and expensive freelancers. TubeAim is 100% automated and lightning fast! No captchas, no proxies.

  • No Account Creation Required

Search for monetized videos without lifting a finger to create an account
on Youtube manually.

  • Dedicated EXPERT Support

Our team has released over 3 apps in the automation space. You can be rest assured our support is rock solid.

  • Not for SEO marketers
  • You need money to spend on paid ads
  • Not for beginners

TubeAim Demo & How It Works Video

Search By Keyword – Type in a keyword and generate a list of monetized videos.

Search By Related Videos – Enter your Youtube Video URL to find
a list of related videos that allow ads.

Search Within A Youtube Channel – Enter your youtube channel URL to
find a list of monetized videos that are present within a youtube channel.

Advanced Search Parameters – Sort the monetized videos you find by things like:

  • Language
  • Duration
  • License
  • Search priority
  • Definition
  • Publish Date
  • Execute Hyper Targeting

Keyword Research – Enter your seed keyword to generate relevant keywords that you can use to find more monetized videos to advertise on.

Channel Research – Search for channels that have monetized
videos in them when you enter a keyword.

Collection Lists – Organize the list of monetized videos
you generate & experience increased efficiency.

Buy TubeAim Online with Earlybird Discount Link

The front-end price of TubeAim is $37, with other upgrades. The $37 is the Earlybird discount so make sure you grab a copy today if you are interested to use this product before the price increases after the launch period.

TubeAim Upgrades(OTOs/Upsells)


TubeAim Bonuses

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TOTAL VALUE $3,736.00

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1. Click on the buy now button above or any of my affiliate links/buttons on this page.
2. Go through the order process successfully.
3. After completion of your order, access your bonus offer from the TubeAim’s access page on JVZoo or WarriorPlus. Downloading the bonus offer above is automatic and instant.

4. That’s it. You get your bonuses automatically when your order IM TubeAims from We give you 100% honest reviews plus our massive bonuses, giving you value for money.
5. If you make any Upgrade (Upsell/OTOs) order, please forward your purchase receipt email to [email protected] to receive the surprise upgrade bonus package for the Upsells/OTOs